ஆங்கிலம் கற்பது எளிதே - முனைவர் டி.ஆர்.சுதா

Preposition போட வேண்டிய இடத்தில் preposition போட்டு, verb போட வேண்டிய இடத்தில், verbனுடைய connect form போட்டு நிரப்புங்கள்  பார்க்கலாம்.
He is _____________ (wait, waits, waiting) for me.
Deepan was ______________ (sing, sings, singing) for you.
The Chairman bought a bus _________ (for, is, with) the college.
Mother is ____________ (cook, cooks, cooking) ___________ us.
I will ___________ (give, giving, gave) a pen _______ (for, to, with) you.
Radha will ________ (pack, packed, packing) some biscuits _________ (for, to) you.
Meena will _____________ (teach, teaches, teaching) English ________ (for, to) them.
Dealer will ______________ (supply, supplied, supplying) materials _______ hospital.
She ________ (take, takes) a notebook ________ (from, to, for) me.
She shared her food _________ (with, for, to) me.
The bee ___________ (collect, collects) honey from the plants.
__________________ (after, at, with) Babur, Humayun ruled the country.
I am __________ (paid, pays, pay, paying) rent _________ (with, to, for) that house.
Balaji _____________ (help, helps, helped, helping) the slum children to come up in life.
She _____________________ (announce, announced, announcing, announces) arrival of the train.
Kala and Sultani are ___________ (talk, talks, talked, talking) _________ (with, about, for, to) the cyclone.
Seema is ___________ (draw, draws, drew, drawing) a picture.
Sharmila is ______________ (fill, filling, filled) petrol.
Renuka was _____________ (clean, cleans, cleaning, cleaned) the house.
Lalitha was ______________ (bathe, bathing, bathed, bathes) the baby.
Nirmala is ____________ (read, reads, reading, read) the book.
Students are _____________ (stand, stands, standing, stood) one _____________ (after, from, to) another.
My friend Prema was ________________ (deleted, delete, deletes, deleting) the messages one ________ (from, to, with, after) another.
Somasundaram _____________ (checked, check, checks) all the photos yesterday.
Balamurugan _________________ (fight, fights, fighting, fought) ____________ (for, to, with) Kesavan on Friday.